Monday, August 28, 2023

Life and how we *spend* it

 What a weekend!!  Where to begin...?

Leon was here!  We watched another episode of one of our shows and he rode his scooter over to Meri's to meet me there to care for the cats.   I'm still pet sitting.  While I was working outside, I saw him cross the street and as soon as I turned my back for a second, heard him start screaming.  He'd hit a patch of gravel at the end of the sidewalk and wiped out.  He had scrapes and dings all over and just wanted to go home.  I helped him to the car, finished my chores and took him back.  He claimed he wouldn't touch his scooter for probably 3 months.  :) that changed the next day.

On Saturday, he went with me to a couple garage sales in the morning.  Then in the afternoon, he attended a meeting with me and our pastor to get ready for confirmation classes coming up.  He's growing up!

There were also free carousel rides and yes, I rode one too!  I was so afraid it was going to break with me on it, I clung to the pole!  I won't be doing that again.

I made 9 trays of flavored dehydrated cucumber slices and ate a whole quart of some just this morning.  I may need to ease up on the salt for future batches if I'm going to plow through them like that again.

I got to hold Agnes a lot this weekend and I think we've imprinted!  

She calms down when she looks me right in the eye and she's smiling more!  

I had planned to burn branches but the breeze kicked up late in the day so that plan was cancelled.

Reedus being lazy.  Yeah, I always lay down to eat too!

Maddy and Matthew came on Sunday and we all got coffee after church and hung out with Aggie for a while.  

The dogs all had a play date in the backyard.  

Like Maddy's bones costume?  She got them all matching ones for Halloween!  Cute.

Speaking of Halloween... It's not even September yet and it's all up at Sam's Club!  While I am loving it, yikes it's too soon!  Leon has already decided that I'm going to sew him a Link outfit, like from Zelda.  We'll see how it goes.

I took him back to his mom's yesterday and when I got there, they noticed smoke coming from my engine...  !!!  Looks like an oil leak somewhere is leaking onto the engine and causing the smoke.  I've got some long car rides coming up this week and don't want to get stranded on the side of the road!  I put in a call to my car guy but no answer yet so put in another call to a different company and have an appointment set for tomorrow.  We'll see what we find out.  Hopefully nothing too expensive.  I've already got the rider lawnmower in for repair this week too. 

Living is expensive! shoot.


SAM said...

Oh can we share expensive war wounds about life! Every week, new unexpected expense. Sigh. I hope Leon heals quickly. Ouch. The baby is adorable.

Practical Parsimony said...

I love the smile she is giving you to match your smile. So cute. Yes, it looks like she knows you and likes you.
Falling on rocks is not fun. I did that when I was six and just left the bike in the road. I wanted nothing to do with it until the next day.
I want to ride a carousel chicken, too.


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