Friday, February 23, 2024

Food for Thought

 I got so caught up in the unflattering pic that Meri took of me yesterday that I forgot entirely that I'd take a couple pics too!  But they're flattering.  Shoot.

Here is one of Aggie and Jen a week ago.  It's amazing what you find on your phone when you're bored!
Aggie is enjoying a book from Christmas.  For the record, she thinks it tastes good too.

I made some sourdough dough last night and let it sit in the bread machine all night. It's ok, it's supposed to be sour...  And made English muffins this morning.  Jen enjoyed one for breakfast as did I.  The only things wrong with them, in my opinion, is that they're too thick and I didn't have corn meal to sprinkle on them.  I'll pick some up and try it again.

And I made sourdough crackers and more dehydrated sourdough with the discard from this morning.  I'm probably STILL doing it wrong, but I am a rebel. That's what I do.

Has anyone else felt bloaty after introducing sourdough to their system, generously?  I've been like this for a couple days now. and yeah, I've eaten my share of the various types lately.

hmmm.  Something to think about while I enjoy my crackers.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I finally had to freeze my starter, because the sourdough baking was running my life.

Kathy said...

Love the sweet baby pics!
Your sourdough english muffins and crackers look delicious! I have never tried making sour dough before, but your pics make me hungry.

Linda said...

I love fresh, homemade sourdough. I have not eaten much in 20 years, but I don't remember any ill effects.


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