Friday, June 14, 2024

Peonies, cars and grands

Well, the peonies are gone again.  Those ants were busy early and I enjoyed the blooms for about a week.  Eh - the peonie bushes are nice too.

I've done a TON of landscaping this week too.  FINALLY doing something with the weed patch under the living room window, behind the garage.  I've rigged up some automatic watering but not sure if one of the soaker hoses is going to work.  Maybe dabble with it later.

Had some "what I thought was serious" car problems last week.  Turned out that the battery just decided to be toast all in a day.  It took me 2.5 days to figure that out, what with the charging and swearing over it.  I even used science to clean the corrosion off the positive battery post!  Thanks to my brother-in-law, who is a car genius, I was able to diagnose the problem and replaced it.  Also at his advice, I sprayed it down with some red stuff so that the corrosion won't happen again.

And now that the car was working again, I attended an Iowa Cubs game with the college gang on Saturday night. FUN!  The Cubs won!

I went to the pool with Leon over lunch one day this week!  The water was super cold but he didn't care.
And yesterday he felt ill.  He just laid around on his bed and the couch saying he had a cold and couldn't POSSIBLY make his own microwavable mac and cheese.  Um, your legs aren't broke!  For the most part, I gave him a pass as he's going through a lot right now.  But he DID make his own mac and cheese.
He's got some goggles coming today so I'm sure he'll be back at the pool this afternoon.

And then there's THIS girl!  *pardon my messy house*

She is squatting, standing from the squat and playing with washclothes, pretending to fold them.

I can't even do that!  The squatting, I mean.  I do know how to fold and don't just pretend.

AND able to reach the piano keys now!

My bet is that she'll be walking by next Friday.
What's your guess?

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Linda said...

She is so cute and execute moves I cannot! Mine 'folded' washcloths. When they could actually do it right, they lost interest.
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