Tuesday, January 30, 2024

BeReal or Don't

I figured I needed to take a break from Aggie pics for a couple days.

Here is when the house was relatively clean!  Last Thursday, for my ladies Bible study that I hosted.

Sorry you missed it!
Don't you love the BeReal app?!  The real selfies...  You only get 2 minutes so no makeup!
Like I ever anyway...

Today I plan to spend some time working on Leon's room.  He's only here on the weekends right now and asked if we could switch things up in there, including moving the bed, bookshelf and getting a desk out of there. yeah....  Not sure where the desk will go but I have room in the garage for the time being.


Kathy said...

Hope you had a good Bible Study. Your house looks nice, and I have similar chair which I love, since my last chairs had pointy tops, and I almost dropped a cup of hot coffee on my mil when my sleeve caught on them. Hope Leon likes his room. Are you going to have to paint too?

Anne in the kitchen said...

I personally have enjoyed the pictures of the baby. She is adorable!
Good luck with the room!


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