Thursday, February 29, 2024

Weekend with the grands

 Leon was home for the weekend and we celebrated his birthday!!  I can't believe he's 12 already!  AND he has a girlfriend now...  As of Tuesday.  

They grow up so fast.

Anyway, on Saturday, I took Leon out for the morning.  We stopped at Walmart first and I let him pick out his birthday present and a cake.  He opted for a store bought instead of me making him one.  And that's ok.

Then Pizza Ranch opened at 10:30 so we hit it up for a brunch/early lunch. And since the buffet wasn't completely set up yet, he and I hit the arcade where he made a killing on this one.  He came away from the arcade with a whole bag of prizes.  I didn't know they had bags back there!

The gift I gave him was a bike.  We weren't celebrating until Sunday but the weather was SO nice that I figured he'd want to get going on it right away.
He had resisted riding a bike all his life because he was afraid of getting hurt.

He took to it like it was 2nd nature and had it mastered in 5 minutes. SERIOUSLY!

He rode all afternoon and until it got dark Saturday and only spent about 30 minutes at the computer the whole day. WIN in my book!  Aggie and I went on a walk with him around the big block and every 50 feet or so, he'd circle back around us so we wouldn't be too far behind.

However, this bike COULD break my bank.  He rode up to Casey's for a treat at least 2 times. sigh.  Next time, he can ride to Meri's and ask HER for a treat.

We had a house birthday dinner for him that night.  Jen bought some fancy cupcakes and we played a game that he got.  I was surprised that I "got" the instructions after a few rounds!  Sometimes those newer games flummox me.  We played again with everyone else the next day too.

On Sunday morning, his legs hurt but after church and an Aleve, he was back on his bike until we celebrated with cake and ice cream later.  Ryan, Jen, Aggie, Maddy, Matthew, Meri and (bf) Ryan helped us celebrate and play the game.

Kevin acting like he owns the place...

Aggie on the yard with Jen, eating leaves.  I took her on another stroller walk with Leon on his bike, shortly after this pic.

So it was an eventful weekend but I still didn't get a chance to sew.  Maybe over lunch today!


SAM said...

A Casey's in biking distance would be dangerous to my bank account too. Love their pizza by the slice. Happy Birthday to Leon. You all celebrated in special ways.

Kathy said...

What a fun birthday celebration! So glad that Leon enjoys his bike.
Cute Aggie and Kevin pics.

Linda said...

Maybe he want to impress the new girlfriend or ride to her house. I think riding a bike is a life skill! At least he was not on the computer.


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